Ocean Health

This is an interesting story about what happens to shipping containers lost at sea. I think the subject of Ocean Health should be more front and center. There is so much we don’t know about such a huge part of this planet. Here is the link from boingboing.net – Under the Sea.


Warm Baths

Here is a link from Scientific American about the correlation between loneliness and cold water. The study is from Yale University and this is the link to the actual study.

Thinking Science

Fun idea about why we get prune fingers in the water. This blog post from NPR is an exemplar of why science is so cool. Always seeking new knowledge even if we think we have something figured out. Hoping to go to the beach today and get me some prune fingers

Ocean Currents

Glacial melting is accelerating due to ocean current flows. Having been to an  educator’s conference sponsored by NOAA and URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography I was interested in this piece about the melting of Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier. Ocean circulation is a topic that deserves more air time. Many folks talked about the need to increase students’ understanding of Earth Sciences across the board. Here is the link from Science Daily.

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Happy Father’s Day

Here is a link to a Scientific American Guest Blog by David Manly and Lauren Reid. Love the part about the red fox. I saw a fox just the other day (not sure if it was male or female though).